Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mystakite Album Cover

Another album cover I did for 'Back to the Dance Floor' records.  This one is for Mystakite - Trumpets of the Apocalypse.  Check his stuff out HERE.

Southern Ontario Metal Fest 2012

I got the chance to create the poster image for the 2012 Southern Ontario Metal Fest.  Fun project and should be a crazy event!  Check HERE for details! (Also, there is a version somewhere with the bands listed on it, I'll repost this when I get my hands on a decent copy).

Beasley Badger Mural

 I recently did A mural for the Beasley Neighbourhood Association in McLaren Park (John and Cannon).  It was definitely a huge challenge (at 12'x40'), but with a lot of help from Dave Kuruc at Mixed Media, and the use of a skyjack it eventually all came together.  Thanks again to the BNA for such a fun project!

The mural also made it into the Hamilton Spectator!  Here's the article.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Killer Panda Album Work

Some artwork for an upcoming album for Killer Panda with 'Back to the Dancefloor' Recordings. Check out his music HERE!

Tundra Album Work

New work for the Tundra 'Around the Way' EP with 'Back to the Dancefloor' recordings, check it out HERE!