Tuesday, March 24, 2009

colour/layout tests

Im trying to decide how I should lay this piece out....It is going to say "Bandaid Solutions"...even though for some reason i put bandage twice... The first one has the bandage text built into the ladder. The second, both are on the buildings (which will be lights in the windows). If I were to clean up the first one a bit....would it be better? Or should I go the safe route and just go with the building text?


EL Gato Negro said...

very fresh stuff, I enjoy them very much!!!!

Dave Murray said...

i would have to say the one on the right, the text isn't as squished. also, i now have one of these blog things. update accordingly.

irma kniivila said...

I like the first one better!

It's got a more precarious feel to it, with the "bandage" stacked on top of the "solutions", instead of them side by side.

Rachelle Letain said...

nice, i like this! :-)

- i like the second one better. on the right. the first, the text looks a little took stretched or something? i don't know.