Thursday, July 23, 2009


OK, so I never did keep up with blogging, and I wasn't going to post things about the show, but I'm jealous of everyone else's I'm going to do a little sneak peak/explanation about our plan. So, Chris Brett and myself are having a show August 14th at Loose Canon Gallery. Our show is going to be called 'UnNatural'. Heres a little blurb we came up with...

How can we find the impetus to set any goals when the ultimate goal, the one thing we all want, is unreachable?
As a species, we strive to understand the world around us. We can understand the functions of the smallest cells, but our understanding of physics states that a bee cannot fly. However, what if we eventually knew the answers to all of Man’s questions? What would be our purpose? Our ultimate goal? These UnNatural, unexplainable creatures that we fabricate are a testament to Man’s unending search for understanding. Our ultimate, unreachable goal.

We are pretty excited about the show (well, I am, but Chris is easily excited, so he probably is too...) So, if you get the chance, come down and check out the show! We'll be recklessly promoting the show in August, so don't get mad if I end up flooding your inbox or solicit your house later.


Greg Dubeau said...

Lookin'good homie!

Chris Coles said...

Looking at awesome is one thing, but holding it....sorry for the bad post.

Carlie Russelle said...

I still think you should have done a painting of what Pamela Anderson and Michael Jacksons offspring would look like.