Friday, March 26, 2010

Burroughs #1
12" x 25"
Acrylic and Spraypaint on Board

This is the finished painting I did as a commission. I made silkscreen prints of this piece, and even though it may look similar to some of my older stuff, I actually used a very different approach with this piece that (I think) will allow me to develop the textures I am trying to get with my newer work. Anyway, either this piece is going to be a hybrid from my old work to my new work...or just an experimental division.


Greg Dubeau said...

Hey buddy,
This is excellent. Before I even read this post I could tell that you used some new techniques/process. It looks incredible. I would totally dig a print. Do you have a digital image of the print you could post or send me? I'm curious to see how it looks. Great work.

bryce huffman said...

Thanks greg! I posted some of the photos earlier on the blog...and they are also in the store section on my site.

Irma said...


This is fucking awesome.

That is all.

Erika said...

ill skip the sarcastic comment, and just say this looks very nice bryce. more than very nice. very VERY nice.