Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A couple cd projects

These aren't in order...sorry...I'm just rummaging through some work I've been doing lately and throwing it all up at once. These were 2 cds I created over the summer. The first is for my cousin Nick Gallinger's band 'Chase the Light'. The guys are really young and REALLY hard workers, so I was pretty happy to create the work for them. This was my first big illustration project working from start to finish with client guidance, and I learned quite a bit from the experience (I text message yelled at Nick was mean, but at least he's family and not an art director...sorry Nick!). Anyway, the work was digital with some hand made textures. Oh, I also did a shirt for the guys a while ago as well. Later in the summer an old schoolmate Dan Wallace from June and July asked me to do the work for their EP 'Pillowtalk is Cheap'. I did a VERY similar style to it, but they said they liked it, so in the end, everyone was happy. Thats whats important!

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