Wednesday, September 17, 2008


So this summer I did my manditory 420 hour co-op. Luckily I got to work with an amazing artist named Nicholas DiGenova, and his assistant Andrew Wilson, as well as Nicolina Cloutier! (what a crew!) Definately check these guys' sites out...I like them, so you will too. I learned alot, drank alot, forgot alot, then learned some more. Overall it was a pretty exciting summer...not too sure what else to say about it right now...
I did a few pieces this summer, just to keep in the habit i guess. The first few were more or less experiments with surfaces...paper and wood with spraypaint backgrounds. (I'll have to post these later) I had a horrible failure this summer for sure with experiment, but I guess thats the point...right? I was in a rush to get a project ready for the octopus project (a small gallery in the distillery district), and was being cocky with the resin. The first few layers did not dry properly, so in a vain attempt to fix the problem I poured more resin on top. In the end I spent a lot of time and materials on a big giant failure (pictures to come later...i left the beast in Toronto)...but the upside is that I think I'm off my resin kick at last. So, to replace the piece for the show I made another piece I called "Ice Nine" (I'm terrible with naming pieces, but I was on a Vonnegut kick at the time...soooo). I tried using multiple layers of paint and oneshot enamel followed by vigorous sanding. I liked the outcome, so I tried the approach on "The Vanshing Frontier". I like this approach, and I used it in the postcard project. I don't know if it will carry into everything this year...knowing me I'll probably get bored of it soon and move on to something else.

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CLR said...

pink sky at night, sailor's delight.

coincidentally, it is also something I delight in:

pink skies, that is.