Monday, December 6, 2010

Burroughs #2 (Mulberry Street Art Show Pieces)

Here's the work that I will have up at the Mulberry Art Show with Lester Coloma. The work goes up today, and the opening is on friday. I am going to have prints of these pieces for sale as well, so come by and check out the show!

This show took me a lot longer than I was expecting it to. The 5 pieces all connect to make a massive cityscape. I basically took aspects of Hamilton architecture and the aesthetics of different parts of town, drew the buildings in isometrics, then turned them all into silkscreens and painted them on wood panels. The paintings aligned properly make a piece thats 18" x 108". Anyway, I hope some of you can check these out in person!


Morganne said...

i saw these pieces last night at art crawl and they looked fabulous! i had a question about the full cityscape, is it complete as you have it presented in the gallery or will you be painting it further?

Bryce Huffman said...

Hey Morganne,

That piece is complete as it is, it was sort of a map to the individual paintings to show how they fit together... I may do versions on canvas in the future, but I have not decided yet...