Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February already!

February, January's colder twin...

First off, the show at the Mulberry has come to an end, but if you are still interested in the prints, they are now available up on my store. I am also still selling prints at Cottage 13, some paintings, shirts and prints at #220, and shirts and prints at Mixed Media. I am going to put up the print series at Jimmy Gringos in Westdale.

Also, if you haven't checked out Bro Mondes' blog, I suggest you do. The lovechild of Julian Foreman, Matt McPeak and Mike Malysewich, it is a weekly online magazine focused on fashion, style and culture for men. They recently covered the Art Crawl, and had Jay Perry taking some photos along the way. I got a chance to talk with the guys for a bit during the crawl, this is the posting HERE. My studio will be open for the February Art crawl, and I will also be taking part in the first ever 'Battle of the Brushes'. Here is the event info for that!

Speaking of Mr. Perry, he has a show opening up at #220 that sounded pretty interesting. He travelled to Haiti with The Joy and Hope of Haiti charity group as well as the Starfish Kids organization. The photos were all about the Haitian children and the happiness they bring to the world. There's too much talk about the poverty taking over Haiti and not enough about the happiness that the Haitian people spread. Heres the event information.

That is all for now, I have a few new paintings and projects that I can't wait to post, but they aren't 100% done yet.

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