Monday, May 16, 2011

A bunch of stuff...

Longgggg time, no post. I've been busy with some pretty big changes recently and kind of left blogging behind. I have a bunch of projects on the go at the moment, and I didn't want to post them until I had proper scans/photos of the projects, but sometimes that can't happen. So...forgive the bad photo quality of some of these, but I didn't want to leave the blog empty any longer! So, here is a bunch of random photos of things I've worked on since my last posting!

First, this is a painting commission I did wayyyyy back in December. It was for a young lady that is thinking about going into school for environmental conservation (I don't know that name of the actual course...but you get the idea). The theme (which is usually pretty obvious in my work) is mutual respect between man and natural. Fictional cryptozoological creatures encountering humans for the first. Mostly an excuse to paint winged/horned polar bears fighting.

I was also invited to paint one of TSURT's big vinyl bunnies. This was a lot of fun, and as soon as I know when and where the show is going to be I'll post it up as well. I actually just found out that both Munk One and Jordan Buckley (Everytime I Die) have painted some for the show, so it should be good!

I got to play with some spraypaint on a window mural at Currys. I was originally going to use this image for a painting that will be at Sleeping Giant Gallery this summer, but used it for this instead. Acrylic and spraypaint on a big piece of acetate. The sky kind of glows when the light comes through it!

I don't usually work with spraypaint, and with the mural above I went back in and painted some acrylic over it. However, I was recently asked to paint a mural on the garage door at the Earls Court Gallery, and had to work entirely with spraypaint, which was challenging but pretty fun. A fun little water Genie-guy-dude-thing coming out of a diving helmet. They also wrote about it in the spec, check out the article HERE!

I also just started working at cottage 13 as the new counter boy, soon to be apprentice. I am getting a halfsleeve done up soon by the very talented Evan Dowdell over at Time Will Tell Tattoo soon, check his work out! This is a painting I recently finished that Evan will be using as loose reference for the tattoo. Again...a pretty terrible photo of it, but I will get it scanned soon so I can get some prints made!

And fiiiinally...a little sneak peak at a painting I'm working on... More soon! (...much sooner than the last time!)

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Jaime J said...

Bryce your work is fantastic I love the bunny. It's beauty.